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About Us

Pure Studios Purpose

Pure Studios is a family owned-operated business that offers a well-rounded curriculum  that encourages students to advance their talents and skills in a technical and healthy manner. Our professionally trained and educated instructors are actively working in the performing arts industry within our region and across the country. Our team is committed to providing an environment that embraces each individual's innate and personal self, while encouraging positivity for the physical and mental aspects of the student's development. We strive to promote solid work ethics, responsibility, and positive self-image in each artist to develop the next generation of leaders.

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Returning students receive 10% off the first month in January, along with A free class pass to try Any additional classes!

Customer Review: Jamie Wilkes

"My daughter just finished her 12th year dancing and her 1st as a Pure Studio’s Performing Arts Artist. She has grown as a performer in this first year. She enjoys all the opportunities she has between the performance group, competition team, and the pre professional program. She was also chosen to be an assistant and loves helping out at the studio with the staff and in class with the younger artists. The staff is truly amazing. They spend endless hours on performances, tea parties, recital preparations. The thing that really sets them apart is their celebration of these artists successes out of studio. Pure Studios is Family!"
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