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Studio Code of Conduct

We expect all artists at Pure Studios to be mindful and respectful of others, while also taking pride in the way they present themselves for class from head to toe, maintaining the dress code.  An artist should be prepared for class with all personal items labeled and a water bottle present. Only water is permitted in the class environment.


Pure Studios strives for a judgment free zone where  joy and stress relief are captured in the classroom environment. With that being said, the following actions/behaviors will result in a suspension or termination of class: Any use of Drugs, Alcohol or Smoking/Vaping on the premises will not be tolerated, along with Drama, Gossip, Bullying, or Discrimination.  Please get in touch with the office to report any instances of this type of behavior.


Attendance policy

In order for your artist to gain the appropriate knowledge and growth of our programs, it is essential for each student to commit to and attend a continuous class schedule.  Pure Studios has the right to withhold any artist from a performance if they are not prepared or  do not represent Pure Studios in a respectful and responsible manner. 


We expect all artist families to follow the current health protocol guidelines.  If an artist cannot attend class, we expect a notification two hours before class starts.  If an artist is unwilling to make it to class, they can still attend virtually as long as two hours’ notice is given. If an artist misses three weeks in a row for a class, the artist is automatically terminated from their contract and must pay termination fees.  Pure Studios strives to instill responsibility to each artist.  We expect each artist to arrive 10 minutes  before class starts. students are only allowed to be 10 minutes late or else they are not permitted in the class that day.  We appreciate a notification ahead of time if the artist will be late.  We do not prorate for missed classes.


Payment policy

Tuition fees are based on four independent classes.  Program Package fees are based on a full semester schedule (Aug-Dec & Jan-May).  The payment is due the first of each month.  A $38 late fee will be applied to all accounts not paid on time.  Statements will be sent to delinquent or problem accounts, which must be resolved within one week of notification, otherwise the student will be dropped and denied access to their classes.  Accounts that become 30 days overdue will be considered grounds for a collection action.  We accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover.  Accounts are required to be paid online in your customer account. Refunds will only be given via class credits. We do NOT prorate Program Package tuition fees. An additional $38 cancellation fee will be applied to terminate a contract, we require a two weeks’ notice must be given ahead of time and fees of termination contract will be applied. The registration fee is $38 per semester per student and is nonrefundable.

Dress Code

Dress Code:



Black leotard 

Baby pink footed tights 

Pink ballet shoes

Hair pulled off face 

No skirts 

No loose jewelry 



Black tight fitted top

Black leggings or shorts 

Hair pulled off face 

No skirts 

No loose jewelry 

Shoes necessary to perform well in class


All Other Classes

Tight fitted athletic attire

Hair pulled off face

No loose jewelry 

Gym shoes with socks

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