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Pure Studios Boutique


Tights                    $22

Leos                      $27

Bra Tops               $15

Shorts                   $13

Leggings               $15

Sweatpants         $18

T-Shirt                  $18

Warm Up Jacket  $20

Matching Set       $27

Ballet Shoes        $29

Jazz Shoes          $32





Tights                  $18

Leos                     $25

Bra Tops              $15

Shorts                  $10

Leggings              $15

T-Shirt                  $18

Warm Up Jacket $20

Ballet Shoes         $29

Jazz Shoes           $32

Tap Shoes             $35

Items below are available for purchase at the front desk in our main building. At this time online purchasing isn't available at this time. If you or your artist is interested in an item, contact the front desk or message us for sizing and availability. We can hold the item for in store pickup for up to a week. All boutique sales will have additional tax added. We accept cash credit and debit as form of payment.
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