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Rene'e Targgart

Rene'e Targgart never slacked on her work ethic. Rene'e was taught at a very early age by her father, Ron, that any job worth doing is a job worth doing well!

Rene'e took many stages during her high school years at Carroll High School and on through her college years at Sinclair Community College competing in pageantry and modeling. Rene'e has a background of her own in dancing & singing. Rene'e performed these arts as she competed in the Miss Ohio pageants for Miss America scholarship pageants as well as Miss USA pageants and Model of the Year.  Rene'e enjoyed this passion until graduation from Sinclair Community College in 1985 where she received her associates in business.

Rene'e became an entrepreneur at age 21 and started her own commercial cleaning business Rene'e's Domestic Engineers Inc. which she owned & operated successfully for the next 22 years.  During these years Rene'e sit on the Board of Directors for the Greater Dayton Apartment Association and chaired other committees. Rene'e prided herself on going the extra mile for her clients. RDE was honored with many business awards throughout her career.

My Story

In 1997 Rene'e Lehman would marry her best friend Todd Targgart. Recently, they celebrated their 25th Wedding Anniversary. Life took on an even busier schedule with the arrival of their first son Tate Targgart in 1999 and shortly after 11 months later Tori Targgart was born in 2000. Continuing to operate RDE & be a full-time mother was no small task.

Just when Todd & Rene'e were getting the hang of things, they were pleasantly surprised with the birth of twin baby boys in 2002 Tanner & Turner Targgart!

Rene'e stayed very active in Tate, Tori, Tanner & Turner's lives as she was homeroom mother to all 4 children and co-chaired the biggest fundraiser for their school, Celebrate St. Luke's, for many years to come as well as President of the PTA. Rene'e joined the Juice Plus family 8 years ago and is a true believer in a healthy body, a healthy mind!

Let Kindness be the only thing contagious.

Rene'e believes with Faith all things are Possible! 

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