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Maddie Randolph

Maddie was deeply passionate about gymnastics at a noticeably youthful age and her passion started when she was just 4 years old at the YMCA taking gymnastics classes. Maddie became exceptionally talented once she hit middle school and was taking gymnastics classes with girls that were much older than her. With her incredible tumbling, she decided to pursue cheerleading once she hit high school cheering on the Beavercreek varsity cheer squad. Maddie also attended gymnastics classes at many different gyms while cheering. She worked with Donny Bent with her tumbling and gymnastic skills for several years at Kids Are Tops Sports Center. Maddie also took classes at Gym Quest with many of her teammates and excelled increasingly with each class she took. Maddie has always adored gymnastics and she has built many lifetime friendships with her teammates. Maddie is a wonderful team leader who hopes to help others pursue their dreams and become just as passionate as she was with gymnastics. Maddie graduated high school in 2021 from Beavercreek High School and is now attending Sinclair Community College and is on her way to being licensed as an acrobatic coach.

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