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Alisa taylor

Hi everyone! I'm so excited to be apart of Pure Studios Spot Light creator Staff as an Acrobatic Instructor. I can't wait to share all of my knowledge with young artist and help them achieve their dream goals! 

Alisa has cheered/danced competitively on many stages for 12 years at Legacy Extreme. Learning acro came naturally to Alisa while successfully training & achieving tumbling passes & tricks in her middle school years from Hand2Hand. She also cheered/danced all while she was in High School upon graduating from Xenia High School in 2017. 

Alisa certainly got the rewards for many years of training her freshman year in college when Star Performance Centre won Dance Worlds in 2018 on a National Stage. 

Alisa has recently graduated in 2022 from WSU with a BFA in Organizational Leadership. After graduation she has placed that degree to good use by opening up as co-owner to Sugar Willow Events!

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