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Tori Targgart

Tori had an instinct passion for dance at 3 years old, begging her mom to let her join class. As a shy kid, Rene’e (Tori’s mother) didn’t know if she would do well taking classes, let alone dancing in front of big crowds. But after time passed Tori’s mother realized the passion her daughter had. And at the age of 4, she would start on a competitive dance team. Noticing Tori was much younger then the rest, she pushed herself to be up to speed with her teammates. From then on, Tori competed with the Beavercreek dance teams until the age of 8.


Tori felt dance was a way to express herself without using words and fell in love with everything surrounding the art. When a nearby coach of Beavercreek dance team, Cydney Byron, announced she was going to open up a dance studio (BRDA), Tori was intrigued. This studio was a training-based program in all genres of dance, not just learning choreography and perfecting only that. The concept of training in every style in order to be a well-rounded dancer lit Tori’s soul on fire. So at the age of 8 she took the chance with the coach Cydney Byron and enrolled at Bella Rosa Dance Academy. The following years were a whirlwind of excitement. Tori became the first scholarship winner in her studio in 2010 at Nuevo. Tori was a part of the first team to win a National Championship in 2011. Tori won her first Solo National Championship in 2012 along with her first National Photogenic Award. 

My Story

Tori received a scholarship to Slide, a pristine tap convention in NYC in 2012. Tori represented her studio on Living Dayton in 2013. She was cast in the Dayton Ballet Nutcracker for 3 years in a row from 2011-2013. Cydney & Debbie decided to plan & cast their very first BRDA Nutcracker, whereas Tori played a lead part for 3 years as the (Nutcracker Princess). Tori went to California for Dance Palooza on a scholarship in 2015. 

Tori wanted to expand her training to ballroom and worked with Catherine Katt Baumgartner (So You Think You Can Dance contestant ). After Tori trained in ballroom dance for only a year, she placed 5th at age of 16 at the Ohio Star Ball (National championship) (18-35 years old division) with her Rhythm partner Diego Semprun. 


Tori became an assistant teacher in 2013-2017 and was given the opportunity to teach/choreograph in 2017/2018 at BRDA. 

Tori auditioned for Joffrey Ballet in 2016 and was offered a scholarship to their summer camp along with a position in their yearly training program.

That same year Tori met Andrew Drost, who also offered her a position to attend his school as a student along with private singing lessons each week. Tori asked her mom if she could graduate a year early, therefore, she could follow her dreams and pursue one of the art schools in New York. And she did just that. Tori decided to attend IAMT for their 2-year program. 

There she had incredible opportunities to work with some of the top active artists, casting agents, and musical directors of the industry today. People like Michael Minarik, Andrew Drost, Nicholas Cunningham,  Lindsay Lancaster, Briana Reed, Rachel Hoffman, and Richard Hines. 

Tori graduated from IAMT in 2020. 

Unfortunately, NYC and Broadway were completely shut down due to Covid. Therefore Tori recognized her dream industry would take a backseat until life became back to normal again so she decided to move back home. Tori was used to pushing through uncertain times; back injury, knee surgery, removal of an embedded birthmark & stitches in her head, stung by a stingray on her foot & stepping on glass, and cutting her foot bottom wide open all while continuing to train & dance. Why would this be any different? Nothing stopped Tori from pursuing her passion! While back at home, virtually training, Tori also took into account that she needed a plan b until the industry was up and moving again. So Tori decided to enroll and graduate from Elite Hair Academy. After graduation, she went on to receive her cosmetology license along with certifications in special services. Life was good, however, it seemed to be missing something. Then came PURE STUDIOS. Tori has always had a creative eye and would love to share her knowledge and passion to help shape/inspire artists of all ages!

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